2017-06-25 – Late but not forgotten… for now.

Yeah YT is being a bitch again, so I kind of left that in the dust. I will maybe add some crap to it in terms of liked videos, but I’m tired of fighting with supreme autism. Anyhow, I didn’t want this blog to be in any way controversial, just a dumb repository of some rare things, or hard to find things, and I think I did okay for what it’s worth. For now, have some fun with these, because hell, they’re funny.

Snowflake trigger warning, if you have no ability to laugh at yourself, you might just urinate all over your keyboard or smart phones. You have been… TRIGGER WARNED! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


Welcome to Deviant Art

Welcome to Facebook!

Welcome to Tumblr!

There are others from this channel, and yeah, I know they are old and a lot of people have seen them, but this is a good hilarious start.




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