2017-06-02 – Warriors… come out to fiIight!


Okay that was an awful matching of a great movie to a really neat tv show, but whatever. It’s almost the weekend, so “let’s warriors!”™ (Teasing…)


Trust me, this show is worth watching for the history, the battles, and the unintended silliness.

Anyway, it’s silliness time! (I need it. Rough week.)

For those of you that love Battletech, maybe you’ve already seen these, but they are worth watching for those that haven’t.

Why Battletech Sucks (Urbanmech)

Cool (Urbie)

TheB33f – Urbanmech Day

As you may have noticed, I have subscribed to B33f. His channel is worth a shot.

Everybody have a great weekend and enjoy~!



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