2017-06-30 – My rarest (and most recent) treasure!

Two announcements: –

One, I will not be attending to this blog at the regular Friday posts like I have been for what, eight months? Life has given me some other responsibilities, so if something comes up like a rare prize, I’ll post it.

Two, I got a rare prize.


I played the USA version of this game a long time ago. It has one of the best soundtracks I have ever listened to. Here is the CD I managed to get from a cool broski.


As for my you tube channel… if YT doesn’t give me any more problems, I’ll probably from time to time add favorite channels and videos, but nothing much will happen there. For now, enjoy this wonderful CD, have a fantastic week and as always, enjoy~!



2017-06-25 – Late but not forgotten… for now.

Yeah YT is being a bitch again, so I kind of left that in the dust. I will maybe add some crap to it in terms of liked videos, but I’m tired of fighting with supreme autism. Anyhow, I didn’t want this blog to be in any way controversial, just a dumb repository of some rare things, or hard to find things, and I think I did okay for what it’s worth. For now, have some fun with these, because hell, they’re funny.

Snowflake trigger warning, if you have no ability to laugh at yourself, you might just urinate all over your keyboard or smart phones. You have been… TRIGGER WARNED! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


Welcome to Deviant Art

Welcome to Facebook!

Welcome to Tumblr!

There are others from this channel, and yeah, I know they are old and a lot of people have seen them, but this is a good hilarious start.



2017-06-16 – Really?!


I’m about done with You Lube. I got another dumbass strike on a video and it was taken down. This one was one of the Louie the Rune Soldier videos. Just hell. Honestly I don’t know what I want to do with my old account. For now, I will continue with this blog, but I’m just not motivated to fight the googie / you lube menace.

Anyhow this is the end of that Age of Warriors Korean historical drama I have been posting. It’s pretty great, although I have seen some say they thought the ending was a little lackluster. Whatever. It’s a fun and good watch and worthy of a run.

The Age of Warriors END (135-158, with corrected 119!) – –


More old vidja game music for jamming purposes. Have a good weekend; enjoy~!

Thunder Force IV OST 04 – Fighting Back

Thunder Force IV OST 23 – Metal Squad

Lightening Force – Quest for the Darkstar (GENESIS) Music – Boss Battle 10

Lightening Force – Quest for the Darkstar (GENESIS) Music – Opening Theme

Lightening Force – Quest for the Darkstar (GENESIS) Music – Unknown Theme B

Lightening Force – Quest for the Darkstar (GENESIS) Music – Unknown Theme C

Lightening Force – Quest for the Darkstar (GENESIS) Music – Unknown Theme E


2017-06-09 – Warriors correction and you tube updates…

Well this is embarrassing. The last folder I posted for the third section of the Age Of Warriors TV show was empty. My bad. Here is the corrected third folder.



As of my You Tube channel, I ran into a snag. As of this date I have no idea what series I can put up next. My last series I have is Legend of Black Heaven. Here’s is the playlist link:

02. Ridge Racer (PSX) – Rare Hero (HQ)

Ridge Racer Revolution – PS1 OST – Track 7. – Rare Hero 2

Ridge Racer Revolution – PS1 OST – Track 1. – Drive U 2 Dancing

Ridge Racer Revolution – PS1 OST – Track 2. – Grip

I’ll figure out what I can do from here. This personally has been one of the worst weeks ever for me, so… see ya when I see ya.



2017-06-02 – Warriors… come out to fiIight!


Okay that was an awful matching of a great movie to a really neat tv show, but whatever. It’s almost the weekend, so “let’s warriors!”™ (Teasing…)


Trust me, this show is worth watching for the history, the battles, and the unintended silliness.

Anyway, it’s silliness time! (I need it. Rough week.)

For those of you that love Battletech, maybe you’ve already seen these, but they are worth watching for those that haven’t.

Why Battletech Sucks (Urbanmech)

Cool (Urbie)

TheB33f – Urbanmech Day

As you may have noticed, I have subscribed to B33f. His channel is worth a shot.

Everybody have a great weekend and enjoy~!