2017-05-20 – A day late but not a dollar short…

Okay, another weekend is upon us and I am a day late. Oh wells. I wanted to start something new, and this will take a little while, but bear with me. A long time ago I got interested in Korean historical dramas, mostly war dramas. I can’t say much for modern Korean TV (I’ve heard stories… *shivers*) but give this a try.

The Age of Warriors is a show based on the military rebellion in ancient Korea in I think 1170. The military was being abused by scholars and ministers, and the emperor even didn’t take them too seriously, so they rebelled. Initially they wanted reform, but this became a power struggle between the various warriors that embroiled the country in combat for decades.

To me, this was just plain fascinating on multiple levels. This might not be your thing, but trust me, it’s worth a shot.

KDRAMA – The Age Of Warriors – pt 1 (1-26)


NOTE: – This show has both high and low production values, so I might tell you guys my drinking game I came up with when watching it.

This is only the first batch of episodes of the show. Because of… reasons, getting a completed copy of this show is kind of a pain in the ass, so there ya go!


Now some weekend music!

The Offspring – You’re gonna go far kid

Southern Cross (403 Forbiddena)

You are a Pirate!


Yeah some of these are kind of old, but obviously the entire world hasn’t exposed to them, so rock on!

Have a great weekend and enjoy~!



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