2017-05-12 – Finishing Dancouga and more music!


So let’s finish what I started last week, Dancouga!

https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7zd5vf2jmqish/2016-11-13_Choujuu_Kishin_Dancougar-pt2_22-38 ALL OVA 1/2

Again, remember to use JDownloader (link on an earlier post) to get things downloaded swiftly.

Now music!










Gunstar Heroes is a great Sega Genesis game. It’s really hard in places, and has some good music. That seems to be the case with the company that made it, Treasure. Balls-to-the-walls hard, only some good tracks compared to others, but usually a very memorable experience. (Except their take on Silpheed for the PS2, I think, because that was awful.)

If you have the means to emulate and play this one, I highly recommend it. It’s like Contra or Metal Slug, if you’re familiar with such run ‘n’ gun games.

Not really anything to report for this week. Maybe things will go better this coming week. Thanks to all giving likes on my small little blog!




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