2017-05-26 – Let’s Warrior, shall we?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS1ce_7CzvwHonestly I really find this Age of Warriors show fun. It’s a bizarre mix of camp and history. Again, JDownloader utility from a previous post is a big help here.


One of the reasons I backed this show up is people tried to post this on You Tube, and they got their channels taken down. A second reason is other source that have this show, well, their series is not complete, so I had to move heaven and earth to find a complete set of this great show. I honestly again suggest you give it a try.


Now time to jam!

Spy Hunter (Arcade) Music

Saliva – Spy Hunter Theme (Music Video)

Spy Hunter (2001) – Main Theme (Peter Gunn)

Oh Spy Hunter brings back a lot of good memories. I was never any good at the arcade game, but we have a friend in the neighborhood with an old Commodore 64 version and we would play and goof around back in the day.

Anyhow a guy made his own remake of Spy Hunter a few years back. It’s a little more user friendly, but still rather hard. I play it every once in a while. You should give it a shot.


I hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy~!



2017-05-20 – A day late but not a dollar short…

Okay, another weekend is upon us and I am a day late. Oh wells. I wanted to start something new, and this will take a little while, but bear with me. A long time ago I got interested in Korean historical dramas, mostly war dramas. I can’t say much for modern Korean TV (I’ve heard stories… *shivers*) but give this a try.

The Age of Warriors is a show based on the military rebellion in ancient Korea in I think 1170. The military was being abused by scholars and ministers, and the emperor even didn’t take them too seriously, so they rebelled. Initially they wanted reform, but this became a power struggle between the various warriors that embroiled the country in combat for decades.

To me, this was just plain fascinating on multiple levels. This might not be your thing, but trust me, it’s worth a shot.

KDRAMA – The Age Of Warriors – pt 1 (1-26)


NOTE: – This show has both high and low production values, so I might tell you guys my drinking game I came up with when watching it.

This is only the first batch of episodes of the show. Because of… reasons, getting a completed copy of this show is kind of a pain in the ass, so there ya go!


Now some weekend music!

The Offspring – You’re gonna go far kid

Southern Cross (403 Forbiddena)

You are a Pirate!


Yeah some of these are kind of old, but obviously the entire world hasn’t exposed to them, so rock on!

Have a great weekend and enjoy~!


2017-05-12 – Finishing Dancouga and more music!


So let’s finish what I started last week, Dancouga!

https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7zd5vf2jmqish/2016-11-13_Choujuu_Kishin_Dancougar-pt2_22-38 ALL OVA 1/2

Again, remember to use JDownloader (link on an earlier post) to get things downloaded swiftly.

Now music!










Gunstar Heroes is a great Sega Genesis game. It’s really hard in places, and has some good music. That seems to be the case with the company that made it, Treasure. Balls-to-the-walls hard, only some good tracks compared to others, but usually a very memorable experience. (Except their take on Silpheed for the PS2, I think, because that was awful.)

If you have the means to emulate and play this one, I highly recommend it. It’s like Contra or Metal Slug, if you’re familiar with such run ‘n’ gun games.

Not really anything to report for this week. Maybe things will go better this coming week. Thanks to all giving likes on my small little blog!



2017-05-05 – Double Nickel, YT angers me once again…

Commit no mistakes and still lose

Forgive the site marking… I don’t go there, I mean never would I… ugh. *shivers*

Well things have been uneventful with the You Tube channel for a couple of weeks, but with it’s increasing popularity (my channel says I have surpassed 265,000 views as of today, if the stats are to be believed,) I’m garnishing more attention. In essence, another video got blocked. At least this time I didn’t get another strike. Whew!

However this video that was blocked was one of the Dancouga old 1980’s mecha anime episodes. Only one episode, in the middle of the series was blocked in certain countries. Heh. Well… part one for now.


Just remember to use JDownloader to make things easy. I’ll finish this off hopefully by next week.

Sheesh. I was hoping to start something else this week, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, (including using poor English. Ha.)

So with that said, let’s jam a little bit today. Maybe the weekend won’t suck.

Violinist of Hameln ED (TV version)

Above: – Odd, but I couldn’t find the full length version on YT. The full length version is in the music pack I gave the link to a while back. It’s a good piece in my unsolicited opinion.

Orphen – marui taiyou winter version

The end cap chicks creep me out in this, but the music is neat, although dated. 

Flame of Recca – Nanka Shiawase – What Happiness

Man, I hope this coming week does better than last week. Oh well.

Take care everybody, and…