2017-04-22 – Yesterday was crap. Let’s JAM a little for the weekend!

I try to add an anime episode every day on my you tube channel (see About Me page for link,) so for the weekend I managed to add a couple more Violinist of Hameln episodes on my unlisted playlist. (See the one previous post for the playlist.)

However, to try to be a little less… unhappy about what has happened (my last post details this,) here’s some weekend jam sessions for my viewers and readers.

Machine Robo Rescue – ED

(I loathe this anime. But I love the ending music. It’s exceptional for something this trying.)

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor – OP

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor – ED

And something a little nerdy…

Hey, Hey 16k

If anyone has any suggestions for music, let me know. If you can tell from the crumb of playlists I am working on, I prefer aggressive music, cheerful stuff, really melodic pieces, hell, even though I can get really serious at times (like we all can,) I’m usually a pretty cheerful Blue Gunner. (He’s talking about himself in the third person! RUUUUN!) So let me know if there is anything that is just awesome to you.

Thank you all for the feedback I have been getting as well, here and on my channel.

Continue to have a great weekend and…




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