2017-04-14 – The beginning of Manga Madness! Plus silly!

Hameln ch001 006

To continue with the Violinist of Hameln anime is the manga. Thanks to the translators for this one. It’s… well see for yourself.

Violinist Of Hameln MANGA –


But with this we have a little more silly for today. First something topical considering a certain airlines’ penchant for horrible service.

And finally well, I have to admit, I do occasionally watch Let’s Play videos and Long Play videos, as well as sometimes read a Long Play thread from the lparchive. With that said, sometimes Let’s Play people on You Tube are not… well, practiced in their choice of time kill. That’s where retsupurae comes in. They have a lot of fun with some of these Let’s Play individuals to many times hilarious results. I’m including them here because they deserve a lot more views then what they have here, so… let the hilarity begin!

Retsupurae channel…



Pinball Wizards’ Growing Pains


When You’re Here, You’re Family

Bro-Op LP

Have a great weekend everybody and as always… enjoy~!



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