2017-04-10 – More crunchy goodness! Violinist of Hameln, Gamestop and Battletech…

Quick little Monday update.

First off is I was able to put more Violinist of Hameln anime episodes up for this coming week. The second episode in the series begins doing the opening and ending theme music I believe, so there’s that awesomeness. I really like that OP and ED music.

Second is I needed to make yet another playlist, this one just for “OTHER” stuff. Hurr. Anyway watching some old videos with a friend, I had to give some credit to a guy I kind of like most of the time (but not all of the time as he freaking likes the Star Wars prequels if you can believe that.) He’s worth a look from time to time for various reasons. He goes by the name Razorfist, and is definitely not for everybody, but again he’s worth a look here and there.

Gamestop rant…

Battletech primer…

Mechwarrior Online primer?

Clearly with my tiny fledgling booru (image board, link is in my About info) with Battletech as the main theme (among others) Battletech / Mechwarrior is a big influence in my life. Razorfist does a decent job with this and is worth a look for newbies.

Also Gamestop sucks swollen infected testicles.




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