2017-04-08 – The next You Tube playlist, Violinist of Hameln!

I had a crappy day yesterday. Pretty much anything that could go wrong, did. I weathered through it, an well, whatever. I am here to announce the next you tube playlist.

The Violinist of Hamelin!


(I have no idea if the pic above was for the TV series or the OST. Forgive me for being in a rush this morning.)

Aaaah, I remember a bit of this one. It’s split between a television ruin and one OVA. I’ll deal with the OVA on another post, but for today, I am announcing the addition of these videos of the TV series to my channel. The beginning of the playlist is below.

As for my assessment: – It’s a rather… dark show. The opening music is extremely catchy (one of my favorites) and belies the rest of the show’s tone. I also like the ending theme as well. (I think the first episode forgoes the opening and ending themes and pushes the viewer into the introductory part of the story.) Anyway for a dark show, it’s worth a run. Because of a busy schedule I only managed to get the first episode up (subtitle issues, and again, to those who make these fan-subs, I am grateful,) but I will continue this series in a timely manner.

I hope you all enjoy.

Those of you paying attention to my last series, Figure 17 on my You Tube channel also might have noticed I got the final episode up in my playlist. (It’s an unlisted one to help protect these longer. It’s the best I can do for now.) If you haven’t tried that show, I suggest giving it a run. It also has some pretty great music in places.

Other than having one of the most unpleasant days in a long time yesterday, there’s not much else to report. I’ll let you know if something comes up.

Have a continued great weekend and enjoy~!



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