2017-03-31 – The Hurps and Derps of March. Also Crusher Joe anime.


Some of you know I put the Crusher Joe OVAs on my you tube channel. If you haven’t seen them, check them out as they are pretty neat even for being as old as they are. However there was one problem. There is a third animation for that series, a movie. Problem: – You Tube didn’t want me to upload that video. Hurr.

Someone asked for this a couple of days ago and as part of my efforts to deal with the severe limitations of You Tube, I present not only the Crusher Joe movie, but the downloads for the OVAs in case anybody is interested.


Those of you who love the game Battletech and its history will recognize some familiar machines from this series.


With that done, if those who are interested, I do have some playlists I deal with on my channel that deals with some noteworthy music in the anime and video game realms, and also a playlist that deals with silly stuff. None of them are particularly huge at this point, but there might be something interesting for those that are interested to look at.

Some recent examples…

Vader Sessions 1 –




Sonichu 101 lecture


Darth Vader outfit details – red letter media


Based on the popularity and age of some of these videos, it’s up in the air if those that view my blog have already seen them, but for those that haven’t give them a try.

…and don’t get me started on what I know about CWC. *shivers* It’s a long story.

Thanks for all that liked my posts recently and follow my blog.

Have a great weekend everybody and enjoy!



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