2017-03-27 – You Tube channel update…


Well for now I am trying to stem the tide of having my videos being reported and either silenced or taken off of you tube. Hurr. I am not happy about this. So today is a quick post (since I usually do my posts on Friday because reasons.)

Figure 17 playlist (videos added as I have time…)

I like this series. However some warnings and thoughts about it…

One: – It gets… oddly scary at times. The danger seems more intense than the vast majority of anime I have seen. (Just my opinion about how good I think it is.)

Two: – There is a lot of quiet moments. Get ready for that.

Three: – It has some great music. I frickin’ love it.

Four: – Some great background art.

Five: – The episodes are double the size of your standard half hour anime. Be ready for that.

I hope many of you like this show and have a great week, and hope to make a post on Friday!




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