2017-03-03 – Sunday Bloody… Friday?! Part 2 – (Plus a downloading utility!)


Oh boy, it’s time for more over-the-top silly violence. Again WARNING: – This is a pretty gory series, but here’s the thing, it’s silly as anything I have ever seen.

The series: – Fist of the North Star

Mind you I am not making fun of this anime from the mid-1980s. I just can’t take it seriously¬†at all. The animation at times is derpy, some of the plots have holes you could throw Jupiter through or at least a few Death Stars, and the behavior of some characters are unrealistic and sometimes one-dimensional.

Is it good though? Is it worth watching?

Hell yeah.

I had a female friend who went through this. I avoided it for years because again, I don’t like extreme blood and gore. However I sucked it up and figured if she could handle it, I better put on my big-boy pants and follow in her tracks. I am totally glad I did. It’s one hell of a one-dimensional ride, and I highly recommend it. You’re not going to change the world or gain profound wisdom that will make your future endeavors that much more enriched, but you will find a show that I consider silly, entertaining and something you just have to go through once.

This is a HUGE franchise, so this is going to take a while.

Part 1 –

Fist of the North Star collection –

Season 1 – Shin (01-22)


Chapter 2 – The HOKUTO Legacy Arc (Eps. 23-57)


Chapter 3 – The SOUTHER & RYUUGA Arc (Eps. 58-82)



Yes, that is 82 episodes for you. Three arcs. WHEW! Thanks to everybody who made such a fun subtitling for this show (and the other stuff I offer online.)



PROBLEM: – Mediafire is a nice online file storage site, but if you have a folder with numerous files, and you don’t have a paid account, downloading each individual file is a major hassle. Well, I found this: J Downloader.


I can’t speak for the 64-bit version, but the 32-but works exceedingly well. I managed to sack three 10-gig accounts with little fuss and muss. I couldn’t get the 64-bit version to work on my friend’s 64-bit computer, but I managed to get the 32-bit working on my old 32-bit comp, and that friend’s 64-bit machine. So it works from my experience.

What this utility allows you to do is grab everything off of some folders on a mediafire account all at once. (It will let you specify how many connections you want operating / downloading at one time and keep going, file after file.) I like this program, I use this program, I suggest this if you are downloading some of my archives and so forth.


I hope you all have a fantastic week and I will get back to you as time permits.

SPECIAL NOTE: – Yes, I know that You Tube bonked one of my anime series I uploaded a while ago. I need time to… handle things my way. Ha-ha. Take care everybody!




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