2017-03-31 – The Hurps and Derps of March. Also Crusher Joe anime.


Some of you know I put the Crusher Joe OVAs on my you tube channel. If you haven’t seen them, check them out as they are pretty neat even for being as old as they are. However there was one problem. There is a third animation for that series, a movie. Problem: – You Tube didn’t want me to upload that video. Hurr.

Someone asked for this a couple of days ago and as part of my efforts to deal with the severe limitations of You Tube, I present not only the Crusher Joe movie, but the downloads for the OVAs in case anybody is interested.


Those of you who love the game Battletech and its history will recognize some familiar machines from this series.


With that done, if those who are interested, I do have some playlists I deal with on my channel that deals with some noteworthy music in the anime and video game realms, and also a playlist that deals with silly stuff. None of them are particularly huge at this point, but there might be something interesting for those that are interested to look at.

Some recent examples…

Vader Sessions 1 –




Sonichu 101 lecture


Darth Vader outfit details – red letter media


Based on the popularity and age of some of these videos, it’s up in the air if those that view my blog have already seen them, but for those that haven’t give them a try.

…and don’t get me started on what I know about CWC. *shivers* It’s a long story.

Thanks for all that liked my posts recently and follow my blog.

Have a great weekend everybody and enjoy!



2017-03-27 – You Tube channel update…


Well for now I am trying to stem the tide of having my videos being reported and either silenced or taken off of you tube. Hurr. I am not happy about this. So today is a quick post (since I usually do my posts on Friday because reasons.)

Figure 17 playlist (videos added as I have time…)

I like this series. However some warnings and thoughts about it…

One: – It gets… oddly scary at times. The danger seems more intense than the vast majority of anime I have seen. (Just my opinion about how good I think it is.)

Two: – There is a lot of quiet moments. Get ready for that.

Three: – It has some great music. I frickin’ love it.

Four: – Some great background art.

Five: – The episodes are double the size of your standard half hour anime. Be ready for that.

I hope many of you like this show and have a great week, and hope to make a post on Friday!



2017-03-24 – Sunday Bloody… Friday?! Part 5

Fist of the North Star (HnK) - S01 A02 E055 - Rei, Are You on Your Way to Death.mp4_snapshot_17.21_[2017.03.16_08.02.47]

If you read my previous two posts for today, you can kind of tell things have been horrible lately. However, quick post for today, more Fist of the North Star goodness!

Legend of the Dark King (Fist of the North Star)



  1. Fist of the Blue Sky (Japanese Dub – 480p)


Fist of the North Star The Movie (both versions)



Other stuff…



I really don’t have much else to say right now, so…



2017-03-24 – Problem: – Technical issues, aka, Toshiba sucks!

I had to make this a separate post because of what I am dealing with.

From last I read, there is about 95+ million unemployed right now in the old US where I am based. The job market is horrendous and the economy, regardless of how stocks are doing, is not good. And even if whatever new president makes positive changes, like previous administrations before, will probably take a couple of years before the real effect of positive or negative effects to be felt.

In short, economy sucks and it has hit me hard over the recent years.

I whined about all of that to say this: my computer is pretty much dying on me and there is absolutely no funding to deal with it right now. I don’t know how much longer I have (yes I am pursuing every method possible to get another computer other than begging like a you tube starlet,) but I will do the best I can with what time I have left.

My warning to anybody reading this, stay the ever loving hell away from Toshiba computers.

I have bought three of them over the years, and none of them have operated well. I am running on my last comp. I had two Toshibas purchased from back in the day when I didn’t know how bad they were, and both died on the same day. I had to do some… work, to salvage one computer by cannibalizing both of them. This is not fun.

And now this computer is starting to die on me as well.

I have a HUGE list of complaints from the computers I have dealt with from Toshiba. Out of date components, factory-damaged components, overheating problems, just a metric fudge-ton of other problems, and after doing some research I have found others pretty much hate this company. I am no different. My computer is being held together by duck tape, prayer and I think possibly one or two New Types smuggled in from an alternate Gundam universe. If you have ever played the old Wizardry games and had to resurrect a dead player character, imagine that as some of the problems I deal with on a daily basis. I lose anywhere from an hour to 4-5 hours dealing with this freaking nonsense, and I hate to say it’s only getting worse. I have had to borrow a friend’s computer at times to deal with some issues my old rust bucket can’t.

Whine, whine, whine, my comp is a pain and there’s no possibility for a replacement anytime soon. It’s rough, but whadda ya gonna do?

I will say again, Toshiba has done nothing good for me over the years. Just the name makes me tense up at this point.

I’ll let you all know any updates since well, I am into so many things online. Thank you for your patients. If you want to know, this is one of the reasons I can only upload one you tube video a day (in batches as you may have noticed) instead of two a day. And as of my previous post and the troubles I am dealing with you tube, well, you know things are not exactly fine.

I hope to share more of my goodies and may you all have a great weekend.

I have one more legitimate post to make. (Can’t end Sunday Bloody, Friday on a sour note, can we?)



2017-03-24 – PROBLEMS: – State of the You Tube channel.

are you a beer

So… this sucks. Within the last few weeks I got hit repeatedly on my you tube channel with various industries knocking my videos from my channel. I might have been quiet until now, but secretly I have been pondering my options and what to do here.

I do know that my Dancouga, Macross II and Votoms videos got hit hard. For those with me at the beginning of my you tube channel, I had the entire Votoms series online. They were blocked in pretty much one fell swoop. Just… damn.

Well, what I am going to do about it?

I’m going to take care of some things, and in the coming weeks hopefully make a few posts here, so keep a look out. I am very unhappy about this.

For the future of my you tube channel, it looks pretty bleak. First of all, if I keep getting nailed like this, what’s the point of continuing? Second, I have been having problems finding anime series’ not already on you tube. I only have a few more to go and then I have nothing in my stash I can really post. Third, and I will explain this in another post, I am having technical problems.

Things don’t look good.

Anyhow, this blog will continue for as long as I can, so pay attention from time to time.

I do appreciate all the kind words sent to me for the work I have done. Honestly I think those that deserved the most credit are the subtitling groups. Having to deal with modifying subtitles for use on you tube (as you tube is finicky and only will accept some types of files,) I have to say the amount of work that has gone into those subs astounds me. From me to you all: thank you wholeheartedly.

I’ll let you all know what is going to happen in the coming days. I promise to do my best.



2017-03-10 – Sunday Bloody… Friday?! Part 3


What do you say when you swallow a clown, old stand up tapes of Eddie Murphy and copies of the movie Airplane? You say, “This s*** is ridiculous.”

*crickets chirping*

Okay I will give up comedy career for Lent or something even though I’m not catholic.

ANYWAY! On with the insanity!

This series is just… so bizarre.

Fist of the North Star Collection part 2!

Chapter 4 – The RAOH Arc (Eps. 83-109)




This was just a quick posting for today. Have a great week and…



2017-03-03 – Sunday Bloody… Friday?! Part 2 – (Plus a downloading utility!)


Oh boy, it’s time for more over-the-top silly violence. Again WARNING: – This is a pretty gory series, but here’s the thing, it’s silly as anything I have ever seen.

The series: – Fist of the North Star

Mind you I am not making fun of this anime from the mid-1980s. I just can’t take it seriously at all. The animation at times is derpy, some of the plots have holes you could throw Jupiter through or at least a few Death Stars, and the behavior of some characters are unrealistic and sometimes one-dimensional.

Is it good though? Is it worth watching?

Hell yeah.

I had a female friend who went through this. I avoided it for years because again, I don’t like extreme blood and gore. However I sucked it up and figured if she could handle it, I better put on my big-boy pants and follow in her tracks. I am totally glad I did. It’s one hell of a one-dimensional ride, and I highly recommend it. You’re not going to change the world or gain profound wisdom that will make your future endeavors that much more enriched, but you will find a show that I consider silly, entertaining and something you just have to go through once.

This is a HUGE franchise, so this is going to take a while.

Part 1 –

Fist of the North Star collection –

Season 1 – Shin (01-22)


Chapter 2 – The HOKUTO Legacy Arc (Eps. 23-57)


Chapter 3 – The SOUTHER & RYUUGA Arc (Eps. 58-82)



Yes, that is 82 episodes for you. Three arcs. WHEW! Thanks to everybody who made such a fun subtitling for this show (and the other stuff I offer online.)



PROBLEM: – Mediafire is a nice online file storage site, but if you have a folder with numerous files, and you don’t have a paid account, downloading each individual file is a major hassle. Well, I found this: J Downloader.


I can’t speak for the 64-bit version, but the 32-but works exceedingly well. I managed to sack three 10-gig accounts with little fuss and muss. I couldn’t get the 64-bit version to work on my friend’s 64-bit computer, but I managed to get the 32-bit working on my old 32-bit comp, and that friend’s 64-bit machine. So it works from my experience.

What this utility allows you to do is grab everything off of some folders on a mediafire account all at once. (It will let you specify how many connections you want operating / downloading at one time and keep going, file after file.) I like this program, I use this program, I suggest this if you are downloading some of my archives and so forth.


I hope you all have a fantastic week and I will get back to you as time permits.

SPECIAL NOTE: – Yes, I know that You Tube bonked one of my anime series I uploaded a while ago. I need time to… handle things my way. Ha-ha. Take care everybody!