2017-02-03 – Louie the Rune Soldier


Okay, life… is kind of hurr right now, so how about something lighthearted.

Anyone watched Record of Lodoss War? It was one of my first OAVs I got into back in the day. Pretty heavy, kind of decent, just a good run. However the series has spinoffs and such, and Louie the Rune Soldier is one of them.

Louie is a lighthearted take on the universe, if I recall correctly, that was of the main Lodoss series. You have a mage who’s not a skinny wimp, but a muscle bound powerhouse. There’s some comedy, some decent stories and well, yeah, it’s worth a shot.

As of this date I am getting the English dub put on You Tube. Here is the beginning of the playlist. One episode should go up each day as I have time.

Anyhow I loved the OP and ED for this series compared to the more… what genre music is the OAV, operatic? I don’t know. I’m no expert on music classes. Anyhow the OP was immediately catchy, and the ending has a guy who can sing so loud and sharply you might want to lower your speakers volume when you listen to it.

I tried getting my hands on a copy of this so I could make a FLAC version of this, but alas, this is a pretty hard to come by set. Here is what I do have though.

FILE NAME: – 2017-02-01_LouieTheRuneSoldier-OST+Extras


Let me know what you think if you have time, and as always…



Yeah, that would make me go to church if my teachers looked like that. Ha



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