Sunday Bloody… Friday?! Part 1


Okay I didn’t make this blog to honesty tell about my self, deal with topics like politics or religion, or anything like that. It’s a tiny blog that dispenses some stuff, tries to make some rare things more prevalent and have a tiny bit of fun. I can’t do much more than that because, hurr, constraints of time and all that.

I said that to say this: I really can’t handle blood and gore for the sake of it. I’m not a sensitive little delicate doily, but I just don’t like extremes for the sake of it. You can probably tell I do love me some heavy action. I do have a pulse and am a dude after all, but a lot of things that I would consider… excessive are not my taste.

That said, I have several weekends of some of the most trippy stuff I have encountered in a while and for those with the stomach for it, it’s time for Sunday Bloody… Friday! (Stupid name, but I am busy Sunday, so nyah!)

The first weekend of this almost is a b-movie bonanza like I did a few months ago. I am not sure either movie I am going to post is a b-movie. I will say they are extremely bloody and gory, but it’s so over the top I couldn’t but help but laugh and enjoy just how insane it all was. One is kind of, well, I would say an introductory excessively bloody movie and the other is balls to the wall out of here nuts. I love them both.

First off is the 2015 movie Turbo Kid. I’m willing to bet most of you know where to pick up some more recent movies on your own, but in case some things… well…

Again, I warn you it’s bloody to the point of silliness, but I think it’s a good movie for what it’s worth. If you have the stomach for it, give it a shot.

The second movie was suggested to me by… some very cranky and cynical people. It’s Riki-Oh, The Story of Riki.

Whoa boy, is this one over the top. It’s so insane, and so… bizarre, it’s something to be experienced. Again, I have a problem with excessive violence. (Seen too much suffering in my time unfortunately.) But this was so silly I was damn near in stitches laughing at it. If you can stomach the cheesy special effects, the problems with continuity errors, the insane plot, the nonsensical… everything, this is such a trip that I don’t think anything needs to be added to it. GIVE IT A SHOT, FOR THE SAKE OF CAPS LOCK!

I hope you all have a great weekend except that one guy… you know… THAT guy. Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout you. (I’m being silly… or am I?)




2017-02-17 – Macross II and stuff.

My uploads of the Macross II OVAs on you tube are pretty popular. I’m happy about that. However getting music for this series has always been difficult for me. For today I will give what I got a long time ago and see what I can do next week.


Like some of my other offerings, the music is in FLAC and also 160kbps MP3s.

I’m also sure some of you have noticed my tiny beginnings of having favorite anime and video game music on my you tube channel. I’ll add stuff when I can. (Obligations, obligations!) Let me know what you think.

I’ll add this on my channel when I can, but I thought some of you might enjoy something mildly funny.

Vader Sessions: –

Have a good week!



2017-02-11 – Fooly Cooly!


Well it’s another weekend and I’m swamped. (Who cares?) Anyway I dug this out of my collection. There’s sincerely nothing like FLAC files, right? Huge in size, supposedly loss-less in audio quality… here we go.

Fooly Cooly OST No. 3: – Got this a while ago. There’s not much to say except I hope y’all like!

It comes in FLAC¬†only this time, so you’re on your own for making them into MP3s.

Remember to take a peek at my you tube channel!




2017-02-03 – Louie the Rune Soldier


Okay, life… is kind of hurr right now, so how about something lighthearted.

Anyone watched Record of Lodoss War? It was one of my first OAVs I got into back in the day. Pretty heavy, kind of decent, just a good run. However the series has spinoffs and such, and Louie the Rune Soldier is one of them.

Louie is a lighthearted take on the universe, if I recall correctly,¬†that was of the main Lodoss series. You have a mage who’s not a skinny wimp, but a muscle bound powerhouse. There’s some comedy, some decent stories and well, yeah, it’s worth a shot.

As of this date I am getting the English dub put on You Tube. Here is the beginning of the playlist. One episode should go up each day as I have time.

Anyhow I loved the OP and ED for this series compared to the more… what genre music is the OAV, operatic? I don’t know. I’m no expert on music classes. Anyhow the OP was immediately catchy, and the ending has a guy who can sing so loud and sharply you might want to lower your speakers volume when you listen to it.

I tried getting my hands on a copy of this so I could make a FLAC version of this, but alas, this is a pretty hard to come by set. Here is what I do have though.

FILE NAME: – 2017-02-01_LouieTheRuneSoldier-OST+Extras

Let me know what you think if you have time, and as always…



Yeah, that would make me go to church if my teachers looked like that. Ha