2017-01-20 – Um… Hand Maid May


This has been a pretty horrible day. I had some personal conflicts and obviously I am not going to make this blog too personal and emotionally bleed all over the place, so let me low ball some things.

My collection of various soundtracks and such are in danger and I don’t know if they will be available in about 4-5 weeks. What I will be left with is a pittance, and that well, will ruin things. I just don’t know.

So let me at least keep going with what I have for the time I have.

Yeah I um… picked this anime series up back in the day. It was an embarrassing purchase. It was more embarrassing that I got the dub for it. Most of it is pretty harmless, but there is a little bad voice acting in spots. The show is pretty much sizzle without steak, so I figure it’s okay for maybe the 13+ crowd. I don’t have my videos for this off hand. I’ll see what I can do as time progresses. (I cannot go into how much time I lost in the last couple days dealing with various issues. AAARGH!)

So we have another of my soundtracks in FLAC format also with MP3s in 160kbps. Scans of the CD booklet also exist.

Some of the music is actually kind of neat and some sweet. This is generally a light hearted show, so you can kind of expect that tone with the music.


I have noticed that my efforts here have been decently received. They tell you in mediafire how many people have downloaded your files when you make the various links public.

Up until this point I haven’t shilled for comments or such, but if you have some warm memories of this show or some of the other stuff I have posted in the last several months, it would be neat to hear from you.

I hope things get better on my end and hope to deliver some more things to the general public. If I haven’t said it before, I am going under the principle someone once taught me of, “That which was freely given, freely give.” Usually that applies to life lessons and wisdom, but sometimes it works well with dealing with internet neat things.

Take care everyone, and enjoy!




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