2017-01-12 – A DAY EARLY… High School Girls, machinima & bad news…

Well I have some neat things, and some bad news. Ugh. Let’s get the greedy happy things over with first.


First off is I managed to find my copy of the High School Girls anime OST (Original Soundtrack) and here it is: –


It comes with a couple of singles so that’s a bonus.

Second is a friend of mine got me to watch some machinima.

I personally hated Final Fantasy 7. I came off of the greatness that was 6, and yeah, Square spent tens of millions on their 3D premise, but I thought the story and stuff was just awful. None of my friends back in the day liked it either. So it took some wrangling for a friend of mine to watch this machinima of FF7. I wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t THAT GOOD.

I was surprised I was actually enjoying myself, and more surprised that something this decent didn’t have more views on You Tube. So… without anyone prompting me I thought my few readers might enjoy something that I considered pretty darn funny.

You will need to know some of FF7’s history or backstory to enjoy some of the jokes, but it’s not a requirement to enjoy the atmosphere and humor of the script. I think a very good job was done here, and so I had to share it.

Finally the bad news. Ugh.

My external hard drive with a mess of my FLAC CD soundtracks and other things died on me. Within the next few days I will see if something can be done to retrieve the information off of it when I get a new external that doesn’t require a power supply. (The old hard drive literally gave me an electric shock about an hour or so before it died on me. THANKS, MAXTOR!) Anyhow with some finagling I believe there is an outward possibility the data can be recovered, but it’s not a high chance. I have to try within the next few days, and I have a friend’s help, so… murmur, chant, pray, invoke… let’s hope my old date doesn’t turn to ashes. (Old Wizardry VG joke.)

I’ll let y’all know what the condition of things are. There is more to it, but it’s pointless to let anyone know what is going on until I get further information within the next few weeks. So if my next post isn’t that great, well… I’m doing my best here trying to spread the wealth.

I hope all of your new years are going well.

… By the way, those old Wizardry games are some of the meanest things ever made by mankind.




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