2017-01-06 – High School Girls… it’s not what you think.


It’s another new year! Yippee! … … I freaking said yippee. That’s the last time I watch Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace even if I watched it with a friend with Rifftrax. (Is that a subtle nod for a suggestion or what?)

Anyhow let’s start the year off right. I don’t have much time, if at all for manga anymore. So I only have so much experience with a few great and not-so-great series. This manga, High School Girls, completely took me by surprise. It’s pretty damn funny. It starts out pretty much as a joke about the really personal stuff high school girls are willing to sometimes admit to doing, and it goes off the wall after a bit. I had a great time years ago with this one.

So I am as of this post in the process of putting the anime on You Tube (I have been having problems finding series that You Tube won’t fry my bacon over lately.) And I thought marrying that I could offer the manga for those that don’t have other means to get it. I HIGHLY recommend the manga. The anime is only okay, but worth a watch.


My you tube channel playlist (remember I will add them until the series is finished.)




Nor for those that can’t download them via other means, I put the anime High School Girls in an easily downloadable folder in case you want it that way. It’s up to you.




High School Girls Manga: –


You know my posts are really simple, so there is nothing more to say except have a good New Year and…




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