2016-12-24 – Merry Christmas!

Or how some Nipponese pronounce it, Kurisamasu! Or something like that. XD

Anyway got Christmas presents for all of ya.

First we have one of my all-time favorite anime, Fang of the Sun Dougram.

If you don’t know the history of the board game Battletech, the company FASA licensed some mech designs from Dougram, Macross and Crusher Joe. They used these as the basis for their own mech game, which 32 years later, is still going strong with a fabulous (if not a little crunchy at times) fan base.

The anime itself is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Yes, it’s old, but it’s decently paced, has some good action and adds in politics, tactics, strategy and philosophy. Some people see it as a little slow, but I just think of it as a show with just a lot of depth in each aspects of the concept.

Plus the mech designs are legendary to this day. The titular Dougram, (below,) was and is an instant classic.

So, what do I have for ya for this Christmas?

First for those that like to watch their shows streamed, the show was placed on two You Tube accounts. One guy started this, and I finished it. Here’s the links:

Fang of the Sun Dougram – (Part one (01-53) is on someone else’s channel.)
Channel: – sky9swimify

Episodes 51-53 are here same sky9swimify channel but not in a playlist.

Part two is my channel here, episodes 54-75 plus the documentary, Choro Q Dougram and the other mini short, Dougram vs Roundfacer.
Channel: – BlueGunner – My Youtube Channel.

But that’s not all!

I managed to get a hold of some old Dougram art books. These are of varying quality and one might be repeated just in different resolution, but they are difficult to come by.

Fang of the Sun Dougram Comprehensive pics – –


Dougram Comprehensive (Older scans) parts 1 and 2 – – (These are big files.)

So what else is under the anime mecha Christmas tree? Well, a simple recommendation for a good show I have been going at for several months now: Legend of the Galactic Heroes.


A long time ago some buddies of mine insisted I try this, and some awesome guy put them up on his you tube channel. Included is the original 110 series plus all of the OVAs and movies.

WARNING! – This is a space opera. You can have several episodes of just political and philosophical chatting, and then multiple episodes of heavy action. It goes like that. This show might bore some people including little kids, so take heed about that.

WARNING 2! – About halfway through the main 110 episode series the violence gets pretty intense, even shocking me, so you might not want to partake of this series if heavy violence is too much for you, or if you have little kids. It’s not the type of violence I believe was meant to be shocking for the sake of it, (I guess,) but it is really heavy. The amount of damage done to space warships and what happens to the crew inside them, and the front line infantry combat gets rather bloody. I’ve seen a lot and so if it surprised me, some of you might not want to handle this. I think it starts to get really bloody around episode 51 or some such.


Legend of the Galactic Heroes – –
CHANNEL – Soselo1917

Many people consider LotGH to be one of the best anime ever made. Having gotten through the main 110 series and most of the OVAs (I’m still trucking through them in my spare time) I have to agree that it is one of the best. It’s a mature show and worth a shot if you are looking for a long investment and like space operas. Don’t let George Lucas and his horrific take on space politics in the Star Wars prequels turn you off, this show is worth a run!



Finally we have probably one of my favorite series of all time as well: Samurai Pizza Cats.

Don’t laugh at me. Save it for the show.

When I first was exposed to SPC, I thought it was little kids’ junk, but it seems the original script for the Japanese show Kyatto Ninden Teyandee was either not provided for the translators, or was just thrown out. In its place they just made one of what, I think, is the silliest and most fun shows I have ever seen. It’s comfort anime. I love it.

The English dub is done exceedingly well, with great voice actors and talent. The scripts are, as I mentioned, silly, and even though this show was put on the air over two decades ago, it’s still a great show. Below is my link for the original Nipponese (Japanese) version of the show with CC subtitling. I am adding episodes as I can, which is usually one per day.

Unfortunately having begun to see the original Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, the dialogue is no where as snappy and silly in the original. However it is worth a watch as a museum piece.


Samurai Pizza Cats – (52 episodes) – –
Channel: – DBSuper
English Dub

Kyatto Ninden Teyandee – aka – Samurai Pizza Cats

Channel: – Blue Gunner (mine) – Episodes are being added one per day as can be done as of this date (2016-12-24.)

Added to this is two things: some REALLY OLD internet WAV files and other SPC stuff you might find interesting. This was buried deep in my stash, so it’s really old. WARNING! Some of the file types were made with some really old audio software and I didn’t make them, so they might not be compatible or might be damaged. However I know most of them are.




The second thing is the original music soundtrack for Kyatto Ninden Teyandee. Kenji Kawai did a lot of the BGM, and you can tell his massive talent wasn’t withheld for this silly show.

KNT Music – FLAC – –



EXTRA: – Mind you there is an old Famicom (Japanese original Nintendo Entertainment System) game out there. You can probably find the ROM somewhere and emulate it. I have. It’s a pretty fair and fun game. I don’t remember where a full 100% translation for it is, but if you’re into retro gaming, and emulation, look around and find it. It’s a great action platformer.


I usually don’t farm for comments, but I would like to know if anybody else enjoys the things I share on this tiny, tiny blog. I do appreciate the likes I have been giving, and my Mediafire account tells me a lot of people download the things I put up here. Let me know what you think if you have the time.

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re able to give all that you want to this season!


Now onto the Blue Gunner tradition of watching Die Hard 1 and 2 for Christmas. HA!



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