2016-12-09 – B-Movie Weekend!


Okay I have some family things to deal with this weekend, so this post has to be kind of plain and sweet. For a while there was “B-Movie Weekends!” where I used to hang out. There would be six movies scheduled with three on Saturday and three on Sunday. This was from one of the weekends that I managed to salvage. Some of the movies are kind of troubling to get at times, so maybe I thought someone might get a kick out them for their own viewing pleasure. I missed out on the sixth movie, but this is here in case anybody wants. I’ll try to get to more video game and anime themed stuff next week as the holiday season progresses.

WARNING! – Some of the stuff in the ninja movies might be too might for little kids or whatever. Also these movies are extremely cheesy, so bear that in mind. Anybody who has encountered the “Electric Boogaloo” meme online and hasn’t experienced the raw power that is 1980s badly made breakdance movies can now wallow in the pure liquidized Gouda that are the Breakin’ movies.

Enter the Ninja – –


Revenge of the Ninja – –


Ninja III The Domination – –

Breakin’ (1984) – 83 minute version. Wikipedia says there is an 87 minute version.


Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984) – This is the full 94 minute version.


Until next time, see ya and enjoy!





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