2016-11-25 – Macross II!


First off: happy belated Thanksgiving for those that celebrate! Yay!

Second: Yeah I know Macross II isn’t a great show. It ended early and an American translation firm basically had to pay up for the last episode to be produced. However it does have some pretty neat animation in spots, and some pretty great music.


Within this folder I have a whole bunch of goodies.

First off is I have both the movie and OAV formats of the show. I have two forms of the movie, one with dual audio and the other with English only. There is also a file loaded with various subtitles for the files.

Second is what is called an “Entertainment Bible 51.” It’s loaded with Macross II goodies I got a long time ago.

Third is the manga by Tsuguo Okazaki for the show.

Fourth is the OST collection.

Fifth is my FLAC version of the first 1993 OST with also those 192 kbps MP3s I made years ago.

Sixth: There are also credit-less openings and endings for the show.

Finally, my you tube channel has the OAVs and movie for those that don’t want to download the files. Here are the beginning links:

~ Part 1 for the MOVIE in English ~

~ Episode 1 for the OVAs ~

~ Credit-less Opening ~

~ Credit-less Ending ~


There are other series on my channel, but I will link to them another time. You know how time constraints can be.



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