2016-11-18 – Final Here is Greenwood, what I am searching for, and notes on future posts…


This is the last of my Here is Greenwood / Koko wa Greenwood stash.

Although I believe the 1996 English dub of Here is Greenwood is best, I also had in my cache the Japanese audio. The video quality is not great, as it’s in “.rm” format, but it’s serviceable.



I really want the BGM for the Here is Greenwood / Koko wa Greenwood anime, plus the remaining vocal collections. They have to be rare, and probably only in Nippon / Japan. We’ll see what happens in the coming years. *sighs*


Coming up are some uploads I made from my sizable collection of carious things. They range from video game and anime music, to some shows that are kind of difficult to come by. There are even a few movies that are kind of scarce that might be worth a few laughs if you like B-movies.

I hope those that have been downloading my files have enjoyed them. I wanted to spread the wealth so to say. Someone a long time ago told me a principle about the internet that I agree with. “That which was freely given, freely give.” I believe in that.

I hope you all have a great week and see you hopefully next Friday!




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