2016-11-25 – Macross II!


First off: happy belated Thanksgiving for those that celebrate! Yay!

Second: Yeah I know Macross II isn’t a great show. It ended early and an American translation firm basically had to pay up for the last episode to be produced. However it does have some pretty neat animation in spots, and some pretty great music.


Within this folder I have a whole bunch of goodies.

First off is I have both the movie and OAV formats of the show. I have two forms of the movie, one with dual audio and the other with English only. There is also a file loaded with various subtitles for theĀ files.

Second is what is called an “Entertainment Bible 51.” It’s loaded with Macross II goodies I got a long time ago.

Third is the manga by Tsuguo Okazaki for the show.

Fourth is the OST collection.

Fifth is my FLAC version of the first 1993 OST with also those 192 kbps MP3s I made years ago.

Sixth: There are also credit-less openings and endings for the show.

Finally, my you tube channel has the OAVs and movie for those that don’t want to download the files. Here are the beginning links:

~ Part 1 for the MOVIE in English ~

~ Episode 1 for the OVAs ~

~ Credit-less Opening ~

~ Credit-less Ending ~


There are other series on my channel, but I will link to them another time. You know how time constraints can be.



2016-11-18 – Final Here is Greenwood, what I am searching for, and notes on future posts…


This is the last of my Here is Greenwood / Koko wa Greenwood stash.

Although I believe the 1996 English dub of Here is Greenwood is best, I also had in my cache the Japanese audio. The video quality is not great, as it’s in “.rm” format, but it’s serviceable.



I really want the BGM for the Here is Greenwood / Koko wa Greenwood anime, plus the remaining vocal collections. They have to be rare, and probably only in Nippon / Japan. We’ll see what happens in the coming years. *sighs*


Coming up are some uploads I made from my sizable collection of carious things. They range from video game and anime music, to some shows that are kind of difficult to come by. There are even a few movies that are kind of scarce that might be worth a few laughs if you like B-movies.

I hope those that have been downloading my files have enjoyed them. I wanted to spread the wealth so to say. Someone a long time ago told me a principle about the internet that I agree with. “That which was freely given, freely give.” I believe in that.

I hope you all have a great week and see you hopefully next Friday!



2016-11-11 – Again, more Here is Greenwood!


I had a bunch of little things that might be interesting to some people.

I looked EVERYWHERE for the other Vocal Collection and BGM soundtracks for Here is Greenwood, and only found this over the years.

Here is Greenwood – Mezase Barcelona ~Ai wa Kyakuryoku

A tiny collection of pics from an old web site I don’t know is still in operation:


Just some tiny bits of extra music I had in my collection.


I found that it’sĀ impossible to watch the Here is Greenwood English Dub in some countries. Well… I also found out if you have Hotspot Shield for Firefox or Chrome browsers, you can bypass You Tube restrictions. In case this is not an option for you, I downloaded the episodes and put them up here.


If I find anything more I’ll let you know.



2016-11-04 – More Here is Greenwood!

Another entry from my collection: –


ANIME_HereIsGreenwood_VocalColl_1989_FLAC – –


Back in the day when the OAV was distributed, I tried to get whatever I could on this series. Unfortunately they only brought over one CD for sale in my area. Here it is in FLAC format, plus 160kbps MP3 with scans of the CD materials.

This archive is in RAR format so be prepared for that.