2016-10-28 – Again, more Here is Greenwood!


A long time ago I managed to come across an old drama recording on CD. I forget where I got it from but it seems rather rare.

[Drama CD] Koko wa Greenwood – –


The archive type is a “rar” type, so prepare for that for extraction purposes.

This is in Japanese / Nipponese audio.


I’ll add more things from my collection as time allows.


2016-10-21 – More Here is Greenwood!


I have a few more things in my stash that I am still looking for from Here is Greenwood / Koko wa Greenwood. Here is one of them:

Here is Greenwood On Air Disc 1 / ON@20Air@20ver.disc1 – –


This was kind of hard to get a few years back, and I don’t think I have ever seen anything other than “disc 1” posted online. This is said as a “DJ Special” by I believe the Japanese voice actors for the OVA show. It was hard to come by, but I got it.

The archive type is a “rar” type, so prepare for that for extraction purposes.

This is in Japanese / Nipponese audio however.


I’ll try to put as much of my stuff up as I can with the time I have. I know I have a few more Here is Greenwood surprises before I post other things.

Here is Greenwood manga

I have found that it is exceedingly difficult to find a copy of this good manga. It’s a slice of life manga, and I like it very much.


INFO: – –

Here is some background on the manga.


MANGA: – –

Here is a copy of the manga in an archive file (ZIP).


ANIME: – –

The anime is one of my favorite of all time, and some really cool guy put up the original English dub from Software Sculptures from 1996. If you are a veteran of anime dubbing, you might recognize some very talented VAs that had early work in this series.

Pardon my direct way of making very simple blog posts. I’m just trying to fill a niche desire here and there. Enjoy! and remember to comment about how much you like this old series!